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A flat tire... 2023.10.20

My neighbor posted the below on Facebook last Saturday...

"This happened!

Luckily it happened at the church fall festival where people were very eagar to help! I can and do know how to change a tire but I am very very happy my neighbor popped in and taught his sone along the way! Many a story were shared in the parking lot today of when the last time people had changed a tire. It certianly brought up many memoreis as people stopped to share, changin a tire always seams to be a memorable occastion, some with their dad, some scary on the highway, some with a son, it's funny how a hugh UGH! Oh no! can turn into a really positive core memory. As I wanted my neighbor tell his son the life lessons of lefty loosey and the start pattern for the lug nuts and helping a neighbor in need, I wander if his little boy will tell the story of chagin a tire in the old church parking lot with his dad.

I hope so.

And then the UGH moment didn't seem so UGH after all.

Thanks Miller family."

Isn't this how life happens? Being in the right place at the right time. Using life's random events as teachable moments? I am so glad that Rhyne and I were there and a cub scout was able to "do his best".

But do you know what an equally great part of this story is... it was the phone call later that evening to my dad. It was recalling the rainy Saturday 30+ years ago when he had a flat tire on Park Road. It was recalling the detail of pulling into a strangers driveway and patiently changing the tire in the rain - not getting upset, frusterated or blaming the world - rather patiently teaching me the life lessons of changing a tire. A lesson that I have now passed along to my son.

No one would ever consider a flat tire to be a gift... I would challange it absolutly can be!

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