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Are you comfortable making your team uncomfortable...2023.12.15

It's mid-December, which means that we are deep into goal setting for the upcoming year. Our team has been working on our goals for 2024, and this week I had the opportunity to participate in a coaching session with other business owners to discuss strategic planning and goal setting for the new year.

A key question emerged - How do we get our teams to set goals beyond their comfort zone?

While a few will naturally get there, as humans we default to playing it safe. Far too often we set goals that are easily attainable because we would rather achieve an easy target than come up short on a stretch goal.

The gap between easy and stretch is our opportunity as leaders... to cultivate, motivate, and yes, sit in the space of making our teams uncomfortable. We have to encourage them to see beyond where they are comfortable doing today.

It is through making our teams uncomfortable that we all grow and really find out what we are capable of as a team. So, are you comfortable making your team uncomfortable?

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