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Are you grateful for the right thing(s)?

We are here... the post-Thanksgiving lighting round. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and now Giving Tuesday... My observation is that the world is trying to capitalize on Gratitude. And it's being commercialized. Bigger, better, more over the top!

And yet, does a big (and often public) expression of gratitude create lasting happiness? Is that lasting sense of peace and comfort we are all chasing actually found in gratitude for the few, milestone life events? For me, it's not enough and tends to wear off too quickly...

Or, is lasting gratitude being grateful for the little things? The small, often overlooked things that if we are running to fast, we can miss and take for granted? The things that we have come to take for granted, that others are working desperately to achieve.

Today, I am grateful for the roof over my head, for my beautiful family asleep in their warm beds (as I am posting this), for the food we have to eat, and the clean water we have to drink. Today, I am grateful for the simple gift of this day.

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