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Are you present or preoccupied...

The holidays are here! Soon, many of us will begin to wind things down at school and work. Regardless of one's traditions, this is a time of community and gathering. Yet, have you ever stepped back to check-in with yourself and determine if will you be present or preoccupied?

I was watching a video this morning by Matthew Kelly and he asked this simple question. When surrounded by our family this holiday season, will you be present or preoccupied? Will you be focused on the joy of the present moments, stuck in the past, or anxious for the future?

Perhaps a fun way to explore this concept is to actually read Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". If you have never ready the (short) original work, I highly encourage you to do so. It is so much deeper than the popular cartoon versions we show our children. While none of us would like to be called Scrooge, we empathize with him on his journey because we share similar life experiences. How do you want to wake up not only on Christmas morning, but each morning for the rest of your life?

Happy Holidays.

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