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Attitude of Gratitude... 2023.11.17

Wow, we are less than one week away from Thanksgiving... Queue the annual push for conversations around "an attitude of gratitude".

While this is a great dinner table tradition, I would like to challange you to take it one step further. Something special starts to happen when you develop an intentional, daily practice of gratitude. For me, this started several years ago when I began using the Full Focus Journal. My daily routine starts with a fresh cup of coffee, a pen, and a set of prompted journal questions. One specific question each day is "What are you grateful for?"

As you would expect, the initial responses start a curosry level - I am grateful to be alive, I am grateful for my spouse, my children, etc. However, after a period of time the intentional practice of reflection creates a much deeper level of awareness of the power of gratitude in our daily lives.

A recent example, I was traveling and my flight was delayed by several hours. The original flight crew timed out and a relief crew had to be called in. In a moment of extreme kindness, the flight attendant made each passenger a special drink and greeted us with a warm smile. That morning, I was grateful for a stranger's kindness and a warm smile.

On another day, my son and I helped to change our neighbors flat tire. I was grateful for the ability to teach my son an important life skill and the value of helping a neighbor.

This week, I witnessed my daughter come alive in a theatre production. I was grateful for her uncovering a joy and for the teachers who helped create the space for this personal growth.

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool. I feel that far too many are missing the opportunity to tap into it's hidden potential. For me, it has been the key to a happy, engaged, and rewarding life.

As we approach Thanksgiving next week, I am grateful for each of you. Your likes, comments, and feedback mean the world to me. Cheers to the journey and being grateful for the little things in this life.

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