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Consistency vs. Perfection - 2023.02.10

Today is the 41st day of the year. Is any one still perfect on that New Years Resolution streak? (I certainly am not... please add a comment if you are!)

Stepping back, I wonder if perfection is the appropriate standard we should strive for. It sure sounds nice, but is it realistic and/or actually achievable? Likely not, and the stress of achieving/maintaining perfection can often create negative outcomes in lieu of the original benefit.

Instead, what if we approached life from a perspective of consistency? A disciplined habit, but with the grace to allow mistakes, life and learning to happen. Consistency creates positive habits, and if most of us achieved 85-90% consistency on our goals and activities, we would absolutely crush it.

The secret here is that perfection actually does exist in the domain of consistency... When? The next action step after a miss. Hit the snooze button after a late night at the office, you need to be perfect the next morning to get up and get in your workout. Eat terrible at the office birthday celebration this week... make sure to pass on the dessert at your next meal.

We are all in this together, let's find a way to create positive momentum that is sustainable... one small, consistent step at a time.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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