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Detachment is Key... 2023.09.01

Wow, Labor Day (23) has arrived. I hope many of you are already off and enjoying a final burst of summer.

Reading a devotional this week, I stumbled upon the story of astronaut's experience of viewing the Earth from space. After the thrill and exhilaration of launch, the individual was overcome with complete feeling of peace and serenity. By leaving this Earth (which we all know to be imperfect in many ways), the astronaut felt how small, insignificant, and distant the once present concerns/issues/squabbles became. By detaching from Earth, he realized how much he loved it and how beautiful it truly was. William Shatner said something very similar only a few months ago when he launched into orbit...

Labor Day creates for us an opportunity to detach and create a similar moment of reflection in our own lives. By stepping away from our hectic day to day lives this weekend (and yes, putting down our phones and actually not working)... we allow our minds to rest. We allow our central nervous system to decompress.

The key question... what will we find when we step back and let go? Will that project/deadline/email be so "loud"? Will that potential issue seem so important? The reality is that we often make issues into a bigger deal than they actually are. I trust that stepping back this weekend you can relax, decompress and unwind. Who knows, perhaps a little detachment make us all realize how precious and beautiful this crazy, messy thing we call life actually is...

Stay safe and Enjoy!

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