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Keeping Small Promises... 2023.10.27

Happy Friday from Philly! We have visited this week for Schwab Impact, the leading conference in the Wealth Management Industry. An amazing growth opportunity, capped off last evening with a keynote address by the original GOAT - Michael Phelps and a concert by John Mellencamp!

At the conclusion of a conference, I like to ask a simple question... what is the key pearl of wisdom you are taking back to implement in your life on Monday?

For me, it came from a breakout session with Suzanne Peterson defining the key behaviors of leadership credibility. My pearl, keep small promises. Three simple words... tough reality to execute.

As Suzanne explained, everything we say as a leader, spouse, and parent - is a promise. While we may not always mean for them to be so, they are to our team, our spouse and our kids. And at a subconsious level, you had better believe they are keeping score...

Does Brett call me back at 4:00 this afternoon as he promised?

Will Brett leave work on time to be home for dinner as promised? (I am bad at this one)

Will daddy actually be at my tennis match as promised?

OR, will he get busy, will he get called into a last minute meeting, will something come up that he can't make it.

Life/leadership/health relationships are all about making and then keeping small promises.

What is your real score? It may be time to switch from defense to offense.

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