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Life is the sum of our experiences... 2023.07.21

I will admit, I am a bit uncommon. While flying, I do not purchase the WiFi. I love the feeling of putting my phone on "Airplane" mode and disconnecting for the duration of the flight. It is a time to read, think, and reflect.

While traveling to Denver this week for the Dykema DSO conference, I picked up "Die With Zero" by Bill Perkins. I have previously read this book and wanted to re-read the intro in preparation for my presentation. Instead of scanning the first few pages, I nearly re-read the entire book thanks to a few maintence delays that extended our trip...

Perkins' core message is a simple one... the value of this life is not an expression of the amout of money/wealth that we accumulate, rather it is the sum of our experiences. Memories pay incredible dividends too, as evidenced by the wave of emotions my neighbor on the flight observed while I was scrolling back through photos on iPad.

Towards the end of the flight, I realized that Perkins was reminding me that life is all about choice. Do we sit back and let life play out on autopilot, or do we grasp the controls and live a life of intentionality? Which one creates more impactful memories? Which option leads to regret?

An interesting thought worth considering over a cup of coffee this weekend.


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