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One word theme for 2024... 2024.01.19

What is your one-word theme for 2024?

Each year, I distill down my goals for the year into a single word. A summarizing theme that can be intentionally posted (in my planner, on the mirror in my bathroom, and on my blotter at work) to daily keep me focused and on task.

For 2024, my word is "Simple". I have noticed that life keeps speeding up, and I have a habit of making it a bit too complex. Three quick examples of the immediate impact of this theme:

  1. I have adopted the use of a reMarkable tablet. This has allowed me to consolidate my iPad, Planner, Journal, and notepad into a single tablet. My back and travel backpack are thankful already!

  2. I wake up at the same time, every day. No more alarms for different days of the week. This intentionally keeps my Core4 (last weeks video) on the same cadence each day.

  3. I am giving up alcohol for all of 2024. No dry January, dry 2024. For me personally, alcohol really impacts my sleep. I have tried a lot of different strategies - limit to 1 drink, limit to alcohol on the weekends, etc... What I realized was that I was using a disproportionate amount of mental energy and time deliberating when I would or would not drink and it was distracting me from being present. This one decision (which I started on December 10th of 2023) has completely freed my mind and improved my sleep.

So, what is your one-word theme for 2024? How can you distill down to a single word that will motivate, inspire, and focus your efforts for the coming year? Please comment and share below, I will be rooting for you!

Let's go create your best year ever!

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