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One year later, the journey continues...

On March 24th of 2022, we released our first installment of Coffee with Brett on our vlog ( 51 posts later... it is hard to believe that we are now entering our second year. Whether this is your 1st or 51st time tuning in, "Thank You" for being with us on the journey.

At this inflection point, I want to share a vulnerable insight. Coffee with Brett is just as much for me as it is for all of you. That may sound selfish... but the reality is that I need the weekly messages just as much as you all do. Last year, when the vlog idea was in it's infancy, I was really struggling. Mental Health is a real thing. It's something that "high performing, driven, and successful professionals" don't talk about... It's something I had privately struggled with for some time and at the recommendation of my amazing wife, close friends and my doctor, I started to seek professional help. For simplicity, I can say that I was depressed. I was frustrated because by all external measures, I was successful and ahead of all of my quantitative goals. Internally, it was a different story... I couldn't seem to get my arms around how to intentionally be present, accept myself for who I was that day, and to be grateful for the simple gift of this amazing life. And thus, I started a journey with all of you. I am so proud of where we have come, and excited for where we are going.

As we step into our second year, I ask three simple things from this amazing group:

1) Please keep providing me with feedback. Your comments, posts, and emails are how this conversation becomes real!

2) If you know someone who would enjoy this, please share/like/repost.

3) Let's encourage and pray for one another as we continue ahead.

This week's cup of coffee is for all of you. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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