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Overcoming Resistance... 2024.01.05

Happy New Year! We are five days into 2024... are you five for five on your new goals, aspirations and resolutions?

Even if you answer yes, you encountered an old friend - resistance. Even for those who seem to have it all together, resistance remains ever present. As an early riser, I fight the alarm clock nearly every day. And yet, I have learned that if I give into that little voice and hit snooze, then I mess up my morning routine and am off for the day. While I have on many occasions regretting being sidetracked by resistance, I have never once regretted getting out of bed early.

I anticipate you feel the same way. Perhaps it's rising early, staring a new physical or mental health routine, giving up alcohol for dry January, or "eating the frog" and tackling a new initiative at work. Resistance shows up everywhere.

One thing I have learned along the way... you can not reason with resistance. You have to shut it down and battle that demon every day to strength your mind and will power. That is the key to successfully achieving your goals - winning the small battle with resistance each and ever day.

If you have stumbled out of the gate, no worries. There is always tomorrow and resistance will be there waiting for you. Will you own it or will it own you?

And yes, this is me diving headfirst into a 41 degree lake on New Years' Day. No excuses, it's time to get after it!

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