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Reflections on Extreme Ownership... 2024.01.26

This week started a little differently... At 0434 on Monday morning, I rolled out for "PT" with a group of former Navy SEALs to kick off a two day leadership conference hosted by Echelon Front.

In addition to being sore from pushups and burpees... Muster 018 was an action packed conference. We learned some incredible lessons of leadership - taken from the heat of battle and distilled down into teachable principles that can be applied to our every day lives.

When returning from a conference, I like to ask my team a simple question. What is your key take away from the experience?

For me, it was the concept of Extreme Ownership. No matter what life brings you, whether you are in control or not... you have to take ownership of your life and your actions. No complaining, no blaming others. Rather, looking inward to take ownership of your actions to guide you forward when life is hard. Taking ownership when life has dealt you a bad hand, a bad boss, a major health crisis. Taking ownership to not control what happens, rather how you respond to it.

I was amazed to watch 1,000 participants over two days transform around this concept. We came from all walks of life, all back grounds, and all professions. Yet, we shared a common desire to grow and through Extreme Ownership, to make our society a better place. We are all leaders and I am grateful to be on this journey with each and every one of you.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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