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The Hay is in the Barn!

Last fall, I bombed the Charlotte Marathon. I shared in my video from that week that failure is one of life's great teachers. You learn, you apply, and you move forward.

This Saturday, I will be toeing the starting line at my next marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC. Joe "Speed Demon" a legend in the Charlotte running community, told me that "The Hay is in the Barn!" We have put in the work, and now need to be confident in our training, endurance, hydration and nutrition. The prep-work, the hard work, has been done... now is the time to have fun and execute.

In truth, I have enjoyed this Marathon Prep more that the last. The runs were better (due to my fitness base), my recovery has been better (due to better nutrition including Dry January), and my mental prep has been better (due to my lessons learned and applied).

In a similar way, I have a teammate studying for the Certified Financial Planner exam next week. I am an early bird at the office, and the last few weeks he has been there, early, studying. He has put in the work, the hay is in the barn, and he is going to rock his exam next week.

If you are struggling with a big project or goal, how are you building confidence along the way? Put in the work, learn from your mistakes, improve with time. Then when the time is ready, enjoy every moment of the experience. No matter what, I will be smiling when I cross that finish line tomorrow morning.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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