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The Hay is in the Barn! (Update)

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I trust you all have enjoyed a great week.

Last week, my Friday message focused around preparation and confidence at the Myrtle Beach Marathon. Our family had a wonderful experience. For me, it means the world to share these experiences with my friends and family. Especially my children, as their are amazing lessons to be observed.

One such experience makes me incredibly proud this morning as an alumni of the Citadel. While out on the course, I noticed several cadets running the marathon. Well ahead of me, a young cadet finished the race in blistering time. However, instead of celebrating his personal accomplishment, this leader ran back out on the course - not once, not twice, but a minimum of three times to encourage his buddies and help get them to the finish line! This is leadership at it's finest...

Also, I shared that a teammate was studying for the Certified Financial Planner Exam. I am proud to share that Eric Smith passed! This is a huge accomplishment for Eric, personally and professionally, we are super proud of him. Way to go!

And for those keeping track, I did finish the Marathon with a Personal Best. It was tough, but you had better believe I was smiling all the way, and the attached picture was taken with my family at the finish line.

As Joe "Speed Demon" likes to say, "there is no finish line in running". There is also no finish line in leadership and living your values.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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