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The Joy of Curiosity & Exploring

Good Morning and Happy Friday! I trust you all have enjoyed a great week.

Last week, the Millers were away for Spring Break. This year will go down as one of our favorite trips... not because we did anything grand, rather it was the approach that we took for this time. We were blessed to spend the week with my parents in Charleston, SC, and with that came the opportunity to be curious and explore a city that we know well... or at least that we thought we knew.

We frequent Charleston often to visit my parents, but often our visits are centered around the beach. Early April is a little cool for those activities, so we set a different intention for Spring Break - we were going to be explorers. We knew that Charleston had a rich history, full of museums, tours, national parks, and monuments. What we did not realize was how much fun we would have exploring and learning together. Each morning, we would assemble for the day and set our for the next great adventure, returning home with maps, programs, and lots of incredible observations, questions and conversations as the world was experienced through the eyes of a 7 & 9 year old (two 37 year olds too). The best part, many of these activities were fun, free, or at a nominal rate through the US National Park Service. We learned from the great "Ranger Andy" that we were visiting Fort Sumter (SC) on the actual anniversary of the it's participation as the first battle of the US Civil War.

Stepping back, this approach of curiosity and exploration is where many of our fondest memories are made. And for reasons that I can not articulate, I feel that we have lost touch with this spirit in our day to day lives. Where are we curious today at work... How can we approach a client, a project, or a team member in a new way? How are we exploring in our own lives... Is there a park, museum, or restaurant that you have been wanting to visit? Now here is the kicker... what is holding you back? More often than not, it's the simple absence of setting an intention and taking that first step.

This weekend, let's do just that. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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