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The Nudge

I have been traveling this week... several late nights and plenty of time on the road left me tired this morning when the alarm went off. I had a choice... turn over (and let resistance kick my butt) or get up and go for my morning run. As you would expect, I took the "easy" route, rolled over and was on my way to a lethargic day. However, a few minutes later my amazing wife "nudged" me. She was already up and getting ready for her workout. She encouraged me that I was already awake and would feel better if I went for a run. That was the nudge, the small step I needed to get moving and I am so glad that I did.

As you take a step back and think about life, how many times have you needed that nudge to push you in the right direction? Our minds can tell us all sorts of things, but sometimes the key is a small, simple nudge to help guide us down the right path. Ironically, the world is not made a better place by huge, public events. It's the billions of small nudges every day that continuously bump, steer, and course correct to keep us on track.

So where are you paying attention to the nudges in your life? More importantly, where are you being the positive nudge someone else may need at this very moment?

Make that your goal for this weekend... a call, a text, an affirming statement... where can you nudge someone you care about forward toward the best version of themselves?

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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