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The Purge... 2023.08.18

After a wonderful summer, school has resumed for the Miller kiddos. Our big 2nd and 4th graders returned St. Matthew Catholic School this past Wednesday. I wish I could harness and inject their excitement for school into many aspects of my life!

In preparation for the new school year, our family had a discussion about our evening and morning routines to set us up for daily success. Both kids decided this was the year to make their own lunches, and that they would prepare them in the evening.

I love this time of year, as it's a great opportunity to step back and reassess your habits, routines, and committments. For many of the viewers of this posts, our natural tendency is to add... that extra step here, that meeting there, that club/event next week... we always add with the false belief that we can always squeeze in that extra thing.

Yet, I would encourage you to resist adding and use this time of year to subtract. What routine/habit is no longer serving your present/future self? What standing committment no longer holds the same passion and energy in your life? What does the creation of space allow you to persue?

Let's not waste the "Back to School" transition to detach and evaluate the habits and routines of our daily life. Perhaps now is the time to make that change that you have been pushing off this summer.


PS - We are two for two on lunch prep. Let's see if the streak can hold!

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