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The Value of Mentorship - 2023.07.14

This week, our team took a summer field trip... we focus on serving Dental Business Owners. and engage with them about their business operations, their financial decisions, and their personal/professional goals. And yet, several of our newer team members have never walked "behind the scenes" at a dental practice. They have not had the opportunity to sit down with a dental business owner and ask their story, their successes, and yes - their lessons learned through painful failures...

Thankfully, I have a great mentor and friend here in Charlotte who has built an incredible dental business. He was generous to open his practice to our team, provide us with a tour, and spend the better part of the afternoon telling his story. The lessons learned yesterday will last a lifetime...

I believe that mentorship is essential to life. While I was once an ignorant youth who assumed I knew all the answers... life has humbled me many times over and shown me that wisdom can be found from those who have traveled our paths before. Best of all, mentors get just as much out sharing their story and giving back than those who receive it. It's an incredible two way benefit.

The world needs more mentors... mothers, fathers, friends, colleagues... they exist if we have the courage to ask for them and to be vulnerable in the process! Where can you be both a mentor, and who do you need to reach out to engage with?


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