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What are you called to do?... 2023.10.13

It's Friday the 13th... queue all of the awkward horror movies on TV!

This week, I am reading "The Call" by Oz Guinness. It has challanged as to think about my calling in life... We are all called. But only a select few actually find and realize their calling in life. Why?

Oz shares that "Our gifts and destingy do not lie expressly in our parents' wishes, our boss's plans, our peer group's pressures, our generation's prospects, or our society's demand. Rather, we each need to know our own unique design." Further, "the great secret of life is often [one's] success in deciphering the mysterious symbols [shown] to them, understanding them, and so learning to walk in the true path."

Could this be why some many of us are frusterated, busy, or feel stuck? Could this be why we struggle to understand how to balance work and life?

At it's core, a calling serves outward versus inward. By being our best and living our calling, we approach the world with selfess service and community. Imagine if each of us approached the day from this perspective?

So, what are you called to do? Perhaps a thought worthy of a cup of coffee on a crisp fall morning...

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