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What are you going to "stop" doing?

Have you started thinking ahead to your New Year's Resolutions? In the midst of the year end, holiday parties, etc., I find that we start thinking ahead to the new things we will start to improve and be our better selves. The never ending cycle of thinking ahead...

However, have you ever taken a step back to first ask yourself what you need to stop doing? Before we try to add one more thing to our already over packed, over optimized and over committed life... what will we stop doing that no longer brings us joy, is no longer effective, or is distracting us? "No" is a short and incredibly powerful word. It's often the harder choice for me, but creates an incredible amount of space and freedom. We all have the same limited hours in a day, week, month, and even our lives. I respect those who say no frequently and create the space to focus on what truly matters to them.

The scary truth, we have way more control over the use of "yes" and "no" than we realize...

So, what will you stop doing?

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