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What is your diet? 2023.05.19


First, this is not a post about food. I find that at the mention of the word "diet", it triggers a visceral reaction to caloric restriction. Yet, it's interesting how we focus the term diet almost exclusively on our relationship with food.

However, I found a great quote from The Daily Coach this week. "Your diet is not only what you eat...

It is what you watch

What you listen to

What you read

The people you hang around

Be mindful of what you put into you body emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Our diet is not just about our stomachs but our souls."

When was the last time we stepped back to think about what we are watching on the news, listening to on the radio, reading on social media, or the conversations at work, our family, and in our communities?

As a parent with young children, I have found that we often keep the news off now at our house. This is no reflection of the news, rather the news cycle is so negative that we choose not to bring that into our home on a daily basis.

I have also found this to be the case with what I am reading and listening too. For so long, my content consumption was reactive. Whether TV/Radio programming or social media algorithm, my consumption was reactive and being driven by someone else's priority or bias. Ray Padron, a great mentor and friend, once shared with me that he stopped listening to the radio in lieu of podcasts to get back control of what he was consuming and to focus on his growth priorities. Recently, I have been listening to a great daily bible reading podcast that centers and focuses me on the way to work.

And yes, when was the last time we were intentional about managing (and even restricting) time with those negative relationships in your life? Saying no to the bad/toxic and spending more time with your colleagues, friends, and family who bring your life, fill your cup, and make you a better person.

So it would seem that "diet" extends well beyond what we eat... What we listen to, read, and the people we associate with today will shape, inspire, and inform who we are in the months and years ahead. Best to think about that over a cup of coffee this weekend and work backwards... where will you diet today to be the person you want to be tomorrow?

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