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Where are we Poor? 2023.04.28

This past weekend, our Priest shared a story at Mass. Father Paul must have known the thoughts I was having in my head that morning, because I was squirming in my seat... In the mid-1990s, Mother Teresa and the Sisters of Mercy established a convent in Charlotte, NC. When you think of Mother Teresa, you think of the amazing work she did to love and share with the most impoverished around the world. Why then would they establish a convent in Charlotte? Her answer was simple, while we (as Americans) are materially wealthy, we have a blind spot. We are poor in a distinct way... as a society, we are lonely.

Fast forward 20 years and add in modern technology and working from home. How are your relationships today versus 5 years ago, 10 years ago? How many times do you observe other families at restaurants with each person, children included, on their phones? Are the basis of your work communications transactional or relational in a virtual environment? How many "friends" do we have on social media versus those we actually connect with?

Yep - This one stings. And I am guilty of this just as much as the next highly connected individual. I live on my phone, as that is what how our modern society is structured. Our family in the evening often relaxes by each person going to their chair/couch with an iPad in hand...

I share this not to shame, rather to call attention to a situation that is entirely within our control. Technology can be good, with healthy boundaries. Good relationships are nearly free, and in ample demand. Studies continue to link happiness to relationships and community, and yet that is often the last place we seek to grow. Especially men.

As we approach the weekend, let's be mindful of technology and it's role in our lives. Think of spending time with your family, colleagues and friends... and how to invest in those relationships. Hey, perhaps a walk to a local coffee shop (no phones allowed) with a colleague, spouse or child is just what you need...

Thanks and have a wonderful Spring weekend!

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