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Where are you living your values?

The term "I am too busy" bothers me... I feel like it is a crutch to say "no" or to avoid taking responsibility for your own decisions. For the last several years, I have set goals to keep me focused in a "busy" world.

This week, I achieved a goal that was long past due... I went and had lunch with my son at school. It was the best 30 minutes of my week. And yet, I heard one of the school administrators say "I wish more dads did this". My mind can not let that comment go... Why is this the case? I have been planning this lunch with my son with for the last month. I made it a priority, adjusted my calendar, woke up early to get my work done. Why? Because my family is a priority and I made time for this. Did the work get done? (Yes) Did all of my tasks get accomplished? (Yes) Were all calls, meetings and emails promptly addressed? (Yes)

And did I experience the love and admiration of a son grateful whose "daddy" came to have lunch with him? Yes sir!

So, tell me again why you are too busy?

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