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You never know who is watching... 2023.09.22

Actions > words

· We demonstrate our values thru our actions

· Everyone is a role model

· Integrity – doing the right thing, even when no one is looking

As a child, I recall being told to be on my best behavior - you never know who is watching. This transitioned to a refined definition of integrity under the Honor Code at The Citadel. A way of life. Now as a parent, advisor, and leader… it’s a powerful teaching mechanism. To fully inspire and empower those around me, I have to live the values, habits and actions that I encourage others to pursue.

Why? We are all this amazing journey of life together. By living my values, I am consistently reinforcing the principles that I wish to teach my children and those who I have the privilege to lead.

Stepping back, what values are you communicating with your actions?

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