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Living your why... 24.02.02

Have you ever stopped yourself mid-sentence and realized the depth of what you were saying?

This happened to me this week. A good friend called and shared that his brother-in-law was changing careers and was interested in the Wealth Management profession. I was happy to help and we connected over lunch.

During our conversation, I was asked what I enjoyed most about being an advisor. While I started to describe some of the technical aspects, I stopped myself and shared that being an advisor was much deeper than spreadsheets and cash flow analysis. Sure, that is the foundation of what we do and it is important.

However, I found my posture straighten and the energy in my body surge when I started to explain the vulnerable nature of the conversations we participate in. We are blessed to be at the center of some of the most private conversations a family can have, and for reasons I can not explain, I feel I am doing my best work in these moments - coaching, guiding, mentoring and encouraging.

This affirmed for me the "why" I read every morning in my journal - "to help and inspire a world of community and people at their best."

With a big smile, I explained that I was a lucky man to be able to live my why and integrate it into my personal and professional life.

I am curious how many of you are in the same position... Have you ever thought of your "why"? I anticipate that once you start looking, awareness will help you see it in more places than you realize. Please bring it forward, as the world needs us at our best.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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