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Practice Well, Live Well, Retire Well...2024.02.16

Saturday morning long runs are my favorite. Around the one hour mark, you run through your mental list of "things to fret about" and settle into a trance like state where you can process and gain some incredible clarity.

On a recent run, I was thinking about how I want to live my life and out jumped six simple words. A code to serve as my compass. "Practice Well, Live Well, Retire Well".

I have used the words in my professional life to describe my work with Healthcare providers. However, I have realized that they are personally applicable as well.

Practice Well - We are all in the "practice" of our lives. Whether that be as professionals, parents, friends, spouses, etc. To practice, we need to constantly hone our craft and work on being our best. It's a constant state of self improvement for the good of those we love and serve.

Live Well - This life is short and finite. Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Self-Care, Loving Relationships, are at the core of living well. What choices are we making on a daily basis to live our best life?

Retire Well - It sounds funny to say retire well at age 38. However, the reality is that we are constantly retiring throughout our lives. I am retired from being a child (at least I think so), a full time student, an apprentice, certain sports, and community activities. Their is an art to retiring well and transitioning your time and attention to the next priorities in your life.

Amazing how throughout our lives we are constantly practicing well, living well, and retiring well. By brining attention to this code, it helps me evaluate what is working well, what is out of balance, and what perhaps needs a small tweak or adjustment.

So what is your code?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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1 Comment

Jon Davis
Jon Davis
Feb 16

Love this Brett...this part on retiring well really struck a chord with me! Amazing insights.

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